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Designer Home Accessories designed and produced in Jordan

In Doi founders


In doi design house is a creative product design studio based in Amman, Jordan. The concept was born from our passion for creativity and originality. We are a husband and wife team who work side by side, and through a close collaboration with talented and passionate craftsmen we bring to life our out-of-the-box ideas.


Throughout our careers, we have learnt to understand the necessity of good design in all aspects of life. We have both been working with prestigious architects for over ten years, thus learning to put to use our multidisciplinary artistic skills. Our goal is to employ this knowledge and experience to design and produce pieces of art that are functional, innovative, and visually captivating. The result comes from joining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge fabrication processes.


To us, and to all those who appreciate fine arts, design is the simplicity of form and function at the same time. Research, experimentation, collaboration and playfulness are essential components of our practice and our design process. From the birth of the idea, as abstract as it may be, to the creation of a beautiful, functional, product. We believe good design and fine craftsmanship go hand in hand.


Laith & T.Alina

Photography : Nathalie Tufenkjian

Our mission is to create beautiful, functional, unique objects that can enrich people’s homes and lives.


We believe good design and fine workmanship are inextricably, and forcibly, linked.

In Doi products join traditional Jordanian craftsmanship with cutting-edge fabrication processes, while employing multidisciplinary design skills, knowledge, and experience. Through research, experimentation, collaboration and playfulness, our designs challenge conventional thinking and reinterpret local techniques within a modern framework.

We are continuously inspired by details in our daily life, and this reflects on our work as each piece has a story of its own. From conception of the abstract idea to the creation of a beautiful and functional product, we take great pleasure in developing each individual story to leave a mark, such that objects of the highest quality are produced to complement the user and the spaces they occupy.

Each In Doi product is meant to express simplicity in form and function, sophistication in materials and equipment/tools used by our craftsmen, and uniqueness as the handmade process sets it apart from mass production.

In Doi work process
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