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Array 40 Basket - 01
Array 40 Basket - 02


Approximate Dimension

Diameter: 40.00 cm

Height: 9.50 cm


Plain MDF


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Just like the farmer offers his products for tasting, holding them gently in his hands and spreading his fingers to fit in as many as possible, Array baskets encapsulate your objects gently, displaying them beautifully while allowing them space to breathe.

Key features


Made from Laser cut MDF that is intentionally untreated for a contemporary rustic matte finish.


The design allows for the air to circulate around the fruits and vegetables which helps keep them fresh.

Useful tips


This fashionable basket may be used to serve dry goods only such as lemons, apples, bananas or any un-pealed fruit, it is not intended to hold wet items. 


Array basket is very decorative and can be used as a centerpiece, it may also be used to display decorative items such as glass ornaments and pine cones. 


Its unique style makes it an ideal gift and perfect for any home. 



The edges of the basket may be a bit sooty at first because of laser cutting. Sootiness will fade soon.


Slight variations in shape, grain pattern and color give our products a unique character, distinguishing them from mass-produced items.


​Each piece is individually made and joined by hand, and shall be supplied fully assembled.

Care instructions


Keep away from extended direct sunlight exposure, high heat and humidity.


Wipe clean with a dry cloth, never wash or submerge.


Any further inquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly!

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