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Approximate Dimension

Diameter: 19.00 cm

Height: 4.00 cm


Solid wood (available in two wood types: fraké and walnut)

Semi-gloss lacquer finish


The fluting effect on the surface of the Faded Plate was inspired by the groves that are carved by water falling down the mountains, randomly fading in depth towards the bottom.

Key Features
  • A solid wood block was hand-turned into a rim then hand-carved by a skillful wood-worker to create this magnificent plate.

  • The semi-gloss lacquer finish accentuates the grain and gives it a smooth velvety touch, while providing a protective cover.

  • Every piece is unique, due to the handmade qualities and the differing wood grain per piece

Suggested uses
  • Use it to create order in your chaos of small items; store your keys, coins, pens, paper pins, rings and other accessories, …


  • Use it as a stylish serving plate to serve your guests with nuts chocolate, candy, dried fruits, dates, … 


  • Use it as a sculptural piece to add glamour to your interior

Care instructions
  • Keep away from extended direct sunlight exposure, high heat and humidity.

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth, never wash or submerge.

  • The manufacturing process may leave slight marks on the bottom this adds to the individuality of the product.

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