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Approximate Dimension


Diameter: 4.50 cm

Height: 10.50 cm


Diameter: 4.50 cm

Height: 16.50 cm


Marble (acquired from surplus of construction sites)

Glass Container


Fez is a fanciful family of unconventional flower vases, designed to each hold only a single flower, yet position it in a way that accentuates its beauty. The design of the Fez inspired cap was purely functional; to allow a single flower to stand up tall and show off its beauty.  The minimalist design brings focus and attention to the beauty of the flower contrary to the traditional vase. While the clear body of the vase provides transparency and does not obscure the line of vision.

Key Features
  • Hand carved by local artisans

  • Food safe; made of natural marble with no additives

  • Every piece is unique, due to the handmade qualities and the differing marble grain per piece

Suggested uses
  • Use it for fresh flowers, dried flowers or preserved flowers. 


  • Arrange flowers in a single line along the length of a table or in groups in the center,…

Care instructions
  • Best to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and keep washing with detergents to a minimum as this reduces the sheen.

  • Avoid submerging or the use of abrasive sponges and cleaners.

  • Avoid direct contact with acids as that will etch the marble and cause it to dull upon contact​​

  • We cannot always use the same marble type and color as in the pictures; because the marble is acquired from surplus of construction sites and it depends on what we are able to find. We can however, always guarantee the quality and design and we will try to accommodate the tone/color as much as possible.

  • A re-polish service is available for an extra fee.

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