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Flower vase by in doi


Approximate Dimension

Diameter: 18.50 cm

Height: 16.00 cm


Solid wood (available in two wood types: fraké and walnut)

Semi-gloss lacquer finish

Glass tube

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The Notch Flower Vase plays with scale contrasts, its silhouette was inspired by the notch for felling trees, and the image of the enormous tree trunk balancing on a narrow point.

Key features


This beautiful solid wood vase is an exquisite addition to any stylish home or office.


The semi-gloss lacquer finish accentuates the grain and gives the Notch Vase a smooth velvety touch.

The vase is fitted with a removable glass tube making it suitable for fresh as well as dried flowers and small decorative branches.


Useful tips


Notch Flower Vase is a sculptural piece that makes an elegant and stylish accompaniment to both modern and classic decors. 


Given the handmade qualities and the differing wood grain per piece, each vase has a unique character and no two are identical. A description card and care instructions are included with each item making it the perfect gift. 


Notch Flower Vase will make a beautiful accent piece displayed on a coffee table, in a curio cabinet, or to spruce up your workspace. 



The manufacturing process may leave slight marks on the bottom this adds to the individuality of the product.

Care instructions


Keep away from extended direct sunlight exposure, high heat and humidity.


If positioned next to a window, turn or change vase position every now and then to prevent fading.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth, never wash or submerge.



Any further inquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly!

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