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Swirl Coasters - 01
Swirl Coasters - 02


Approximate Dimension

Length: 13.00 cm

Width: 11.00 cm


Black Acrylic

Colored Acrylic Inlay


Taking its reference from the swirling motion the water creates as it moves down the drain, this coaster’s pattern creates an optical illusion of depth giving it a three dimensional feel.

Key features


Made of three layers of acrylic plexiglas. 


The Swirl Coasters are Laser cut to assure precise pattern implementation.

Swirl Coasters can be used on both sides.


Useful tips


The geometric shapes and angles give the Swirl Coasters an edgy look; perfect for modern interiors of all types. 


Create a magnificent art piece on your table by placing several Swirl Coasters together. 


Their decorative nature allows them to be displayed on the table even when not being used for serving. 


Swirl Coasters make a unique simple house warming gift. 



Item not intended to have direct contact with hot objects like tea pots. 

Care instructions


Keep away from extended direct sunlight exposure, high heat and humidity.


Always clean acrylic coasters with a damp cloth, never wash or submerge.


Any further inquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly!

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