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Wash Away - 01


Approximate Dimension

Width: 35.00 cm

Height: 45.00 cm


Cotton/Rag paper  210 g/m2

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The places we discover and the people we meet along our path can provide an infinite source of inspiration - particularly if your creative eye craves the unfamiliar.

Key features


Rich visuals spark the imaginations of both young, old, and also all those who value a little imagination in their day-to-day décor.


Through geometric shapes and vibrant colors, the posters cast a bold accent, each artwork is just the thing to make interiors pop.

Useful tips


The different posters are all similar in one attribute; they radiate a rich charm that brings life to your walls, Art has the ability to turn lonely, bare walls into something lively and colorful.


Warm your space with contrasting colors and pleasant patterns, surround yourself with charming pieces to keep you company.



Framing service available for an additional fee.

Care instructions


Roll do not fold.


Keep away from extended direct sunlight exposure, high heat and humidity.


Any further inquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly!

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