Designer Marble Serveware Platter
Designer Marble Platter for serving
Marble Designer Home accessories

designer home accessories

Approximate Dimension

Diameter: 40.00 cm

Height: 16.00 cm


White marble

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The X-V Collection was designed with an eye for elegant visual presentation.  The fascination by the simplicity and elegance of the Japanese traditions for serving food, resulted in a pure minimalist design created by geometric shapes. Both X Platter and V Plate are simple shaped rectangular vessels with strong geometrical lines. The chamfered edge gives the collection a weightless look, almost as if they are floating. A strong contrast is therefore evoked between the heavy marble and the collection’s expressive light shape. While the hand carving and the natural marble grains render a unique character to each piece.

Key features


The unique marble grains create a natural and individual expression, meaning no two trays are alike.

The chamfered edges act as a decorative detail and serve a practical purpose, allowing the X Platter and V Plate to be lifted with ease from the table.



The geometric shapes and angles of the X-V Collection give it an edgy look perfect for modern interiors of all types.


X Platter can be combined with V Plate to form interesting combinations, the variations among them make the collection both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Useful tips


Use the V Plate with X Platter individually or combine them together to curate stimulating arrangements for serving cheese, cold cuts and snacks; your table will be admired by all your guests. 


Create order in your chaos of small items with V Plate and X Platter. Use them on your desk for small office supplies, in your dressing to keep jewelry on, or on your console to put your keys and coins as you walk through the door, they add a little poetry to everyday life. 


You can also use them to serve chocolate, candy or dates to your guests, or they can simply be beautiful accent pieces displayed on a center table to add sophistication to your interior. 


Given the handmade qualities and the differing marble grain per piece, each has a unique character and no two are identical. A description card and care instructions are included with each item making it the perfect gift. 



V Plate and X Platter are not intended to have direct contact with liquid goods and acids such as lemon juice, vinegar, sauces, oils, wine, etc. these leave stains on a porous material such as marble.


The V Plate and X Platter are both hand polished with no added materials; to keep them safe for contact with food, however this also leaves the natural pores of the marble exposed; allowing the surface’s sheen to fade with time due to washing and the use of detergents.


In order to preserve the sheen it is recommended to wipe the product with a damp cloth instead of washing with detergents, a re-polish service is available for an extra fee.

Care instructions


Best to wipe clean with a damp cloth, and keep washing with detergents to a minimum as this reduces the sheen.


Avoid submerging or the use of abrasive sponges and cleaners.


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