Paw Plate - 01
Paw Plate - 02


Approximate Dimension

Length: 17.50 cm

Width: 12.00 cm


White marble

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Paw Plate is a sculptural piece inspired by the little paws of a cute dog called Rex. In addition to its sculptural qualities, the Paw Plate’s contemporary clean lines provide a smart and decorative storage solution for the office and the home. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, Paw Plate adds a little poetry to everyday life. Minimal in design, the Plate is simple, subtle and exceedingly pleasing to hold and to use.  

Sculpture is among the oldest forms of art, even before painting on cave walls, early humans fashioned shapes from stone. Among the commonly available stones, only marble has a slight translucency that gives a marble sculpture a visual depth beyond its surface and this evokes a certain realism when used for figurative works

Key features


The hand carving quality in addition to the unique marble grains and the carefully considered details gives each plate a unique character that complements any modern interior.

The refined details give the design a balanced expression, they allow you to give an elegant place for all those everyday items you never know where to put.


Useful tips


Paw Plate is a smart and decorative storage solution for the office, it organizes your desk by uniting everything used in a single place, creating beauty through simple order.


Paw Plate makes for a unique serving plate, use it to serve chocolate and candy.


Paw Plate is a multipurpose plate to hold your heart’s desires; use it to hold personal items such as keys and make-up, to keep jewelry on, or in the living room to arrange a still life of your favorite design objects on.


Make it the centerpiece of your coffee table to admire the beauty inherent in the natural grain of the marble and the fluidity of its lines.



Paw Plate is not intended to have direct contact with liquid goods and acids such as lemon juice, vinegar, sauces, oils, wine, etc. these leave stains on a porous material such as marble.


The Paw Plate is hand polished with no added materials; to keep it safe for contact with food, however this also leaves the natural pores of the marble exposed; allowing the surface’s sheen to fade with time due to washing and the use of detergents.


​In order to preserve the sheen it is recommended to wipe the plate with a damp cloth instead of washing with detergents, a re-polish service is available for an extra fee.

Care instructions


Wipe clean with a dry cloth, never wash or submerge.


Avoid the use of chemical cleaners.


A feather cleaner can be used to reach into the recessed gaps, or simply hold it upside down to discard any accumulating particles.

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