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Table Lamp designer home accessories
AHA Table Lamp

Designer Home Accessories

Approximate Dimension

Diameter: 7.70 cm     (with bulb 11.50 cm)

Height: 8.00 cm         (with bulb 22.00 cm)


White marble

Light source: EU - E27 (big socket)

1.6 m  textile cord with switch

LED Bulb included for free

Complimentary products:


The light bulb; A visual iconic representation of the moment of joy and satisfaction when one finds or discovers something, much like shouting Eurika! I got it!

The metaphor is apt, and understandable; in one moment, a light bulb goes from off to on with a flick of a switch, and in the same way, new ideas seem to spring forth from the creative mind.

The design emphasizes on the bulb and the power of light; AHA! Table lamp keeps the darkness permanently away, and allows us to work whenever and wherever we want.

Key features


A weighty, heavy lamp hand carved from marble, AHA! Table Lamp is designed to fit perfectly on the desk, shelf or a nook in the home that needs to be lit.

Its sense of purity and balance make it a pleasure to behold.



The body of the table lamp hides the socket and the electrical connections inside.

Useful tips


Create a cozy lighting atmosphere in the corner of the living room or when placed next to an armchair or sofa.


Its compact size allows it to fit easily on a sturdy shelf.



In order to preserve the sheen it is recommended to wipe the product with a dry cloth and avoid the use of chemical cleaners, a re-polish service is available for an extra fee.


Not suitable for high humidity spaces such as bathrooms and spa areas.


Use only LED light bulbs.


Additional bulbs are available for a fee.

Care instructions


Wipe clean with a dry cloth, never wash or submerge.


Always switch off electricity supply before cleaning.


Any further inquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly!

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